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Free Internet Speed Test Tool

Add the Speedtest Guide Chrome™ extension to check your net speed, access previous test results & get custom web search from your new tab.

IP Address:
ISP:  Airtel Broadband
1. Click ‘ CONTINUE
2. Add the app
3. Check your internet speed

Get your download, upload and ping speed

Wondering if you’re getting the internet speed you were promised? This app enables you to find your net speed and access previous test results with just a few clicks using a tool on your new tab.

Find your IP address, ISP details and more

Get information on your browser type, carrier information and IP address from a tool, as well as quick link access to global speed index comparisons and tips on increasing net speed with this handy app.

Get frequent speed testing access

Test your internet speed as often as you like, with unlimited tracking access. No cost or sign-up required.

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